~~~ Bound Together: ReBound ~~~

What originally released back in October is back and better than ever. Back on joecam.net where it belongs, Bound Together is getting re-released with tons of new songs.

48 songs
Nearly 3 hours of music
8 bonus songs including demos and alternate takes
the VGFrequency radio show from October 29th which featured the debut of Bound Together

If you're a fan of video game remixes or a fan of EarthBound, you need to check this out. The best and brightest names from OCRemix and VGMix are all in one project with some fantastic music. If you downloaded it once before, get rid of it and download this version.

Fans demanded a Saturn Valley remix. Mazedude delivered.
Fans demanded a Giygas remix. Christian Pacaud delivered.

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Finished Title
1.) ktriton feat. Anthony Lofton "Soup to Nuts"
2.) Shael Riley "ROM Schtick"
3.) Joshua Morse "The Ness Shot"
4.) Kaijin "Where You Belong"
5.) Beatdrop "Keep It Short"
6.) k-wix "Buzz's Buzz's Revenge"
7.) Joshua Morse "Medical Insurance"
8.) po! "rake dat snake"
9.) Ailsean "The Drugstore Sells Sparks!"
10.) Mazedude "See Sixty Funk"
11.) Prophecy "Sweet Dream Lullaby"
12.) Ailsean "Joe Cam Stole My Bike"
13.) Royal Sefton "Please Enjoy Your Stay"
14.) LAoS, Bladiator & PriZm "Latest Fail"
15.) Cromkayer "Paula Wanna Cracked Bat?"
16.) mellogear "The March on Paula"
17.) Mazedude "Zombie Lounge"
18.) Christian Pacaud "Special Delivery"
19.) Joshua Morse "Winters & Morse"
20.) bLiNd "SnowBound"
21.) k-wix "Tessie & The Bubblegum Monkey"
22.) Shawn Phase of Temp Sound Solutions "Santa is Dead"
23.) Haroon Piracha "Sky Runner"
24.) Joshua Morse "Peaceful Bean"
25.) Mazedude "Valley Gremlins"
26.) Zeratul "Dialima tu Kafe"
27.) Cromkayer "The Third String"
28.) Diggi Dis "Side Four Turns Winter"
29.) Cromkayer "Chaotic Theater"
30.) po! "moonside meditation"
31.) The OneUps "Summers"
32.) ktriton & Steve Lella "Brisa Marina"
33.) Cromkayer "Sailing to Da Market"
34.) Crazy Crakaz (feat. Mythril Nazgul) "Da Black Market"
35.) Kaijin "Scars"
36.) Less Ashamed of Self "Inspired"
37.) Dhsu "Nirvana"
38.) Christian Pacaud "Darkest Deeps"
39.) Cromkayer "Deep Darkness"
40.) Nasenmann "Monkeys Fling Poo"
41.) Cromkayer "Flying Ska Men"
42.) Mustin "Flying Man"
43.) mellogear "ROBOTS vs. The Bullshit Samurai"
44.) Prophecy "Vector Point Engineering Water Buffalo"
45.) Christian Pacaud "~FATSHIT~ [Guitar Arrange Plus]"
46.) virt "Get on the Bus"
47.) Dhsu "Bound Together"
48.) Dale North "Home Again"

"Thanks go out to Kim for the banner and every remixer/arranger involved, we truely are Bound Together."
~Joe Cam.

Much thanks goes to:
Mustin for his constant support, hard work and assistance regarding this project.
po! for being awesome and hosting this site for years on end.
Every remixer who is on this project whether they like the game or hate it.
Everybody who cared enough to follow this the two months it's been in the works.
OneUp Studios
OverLooked Remix
OverClocked Remix
It's 3am and I'm tired of writing. I'm going to bed. If I forgot you, you know I love you.
EarthBound, all images and all music is copyright Nintendo. This is a fan made project and there is no charge for this. It's made to honor the game EarthBound and show that there is still high demand for more EarthBound material in America. Give us the games we want and the franchise we love!!