EDIT: Just so you all know, the contest ended. Stop reading this.

We talked about it Tuesday night on the live Twitch recording of The SML Podcast Episode 200, but here is ALL the info you need for our spectacular SML200 Contest!

First off, despite what the header shows, there’s no cash up for grabs. We’re too cheap for that. INSTEAD, you’ll have to be content with over $1,000 worth of game codes and physical goodies. That’s right, over a motherfucking GRAND worth of prizes.

We’ve got game codes and DLC spanning Xbox One, Steam, PS4, and even a Wii U game and the winner of the contest gets damn near everything. We have a few duplicate codes for a second place package and a few honorable mention prizes, but second place is for losers and you want to win this. So, how do you enter? Simple, but first, backstory.

The SML Podcast started back in February of 2013. At the time, we were known as The Small, Medium, Large Podcast given that original co-host Tim was a small fellow, original co-host Boge was medium in size, and I was always a super fat fatty at large. Fairly quickly in, we decided the name was dumb, but we liked the SML thing, so we had a contest to change what the SML stood for. Our 20th episode featured the results of that contest with the winner being “Somebody Might Listen”. Now that we are 200 episodes in, we are fairly certain a few people listen to us, so it’s time to shake things up a bit.

We will still remain The SML Podcast, but now that we have listeners, it’s time for a new meaning. YOUR TASK is to email us and tell us what the SML in The SML Podcast should stand for! It’s that easy and it can win you a shitload of prizes!

Official-Like Rules:

  • Enter as many times as you like. Seriously. Send as many suggestions as you want, but keep in mind that if you send too many, we might get burnt out on your entries and a really good suggestion might gets lost in the shuffle. 10 really awesome entries will be better than 100 mediocre entries.
  • Remember that your name suggestions will be the official name for our show and we will judge accordingly. Something like Slutty Magnolian Lumberjacks sure is funny and will get laughs, but it will most likely not win the grand prize. The reason Someone Might Listen won was because it was fitting for our show. Sure, dumb shit can win a runnerup prize, but keep that in mind when you send your suggestions to us.
  • Once you submit a name, you are giving us full permission to use it forever and ever until the end of time. It’s not like our show will ever be big and popular, but crazier shit has happened so you never know. But the name is ours to use without any further compensation or license aside from the baller ass prize package you win.
  • All game codes provided to the winner will be provided AS-IS. I got the codes directly from our wonderful partners who’ve befriended our dumb show over the years and copy/pasted them directly to a separate file. If there are any problems with the codes, we’re always happy to help sort it out, but shit happens and it might not be fixable.
  • ALL CODES ARE INTENDED FOR NORTH AMERICAN AUDIENCES. You can enter from anywhere in the world, but keep in mind some codes may be region locked and unusable for your current region’s account. Sony is notorious for that shit. You are entering knowing that the codes you get might not work if you don’t live in my neck of the woods, but you’re still getting them.
  • PHYSICAL PRIZES WILL ONLY BE GIVEN TO A WINNER IN THE UNITED STATES. If you are the grand prize and you live overseas, I’m sorry, but overseas shipping is too expensive. Unless you wanna foot the bill, the physical prizes will be given to an alternate winner.

That said, bring on the stupid. Entries can ONLY be submitted to us through our show’s official email address of theSMLpodcast [at] gmail.com. Write it down and enter. I’m not hyperlinking that. I get enough emails for dick pills the way it is. Entries will be accepted until JULY 18TH, 11:59PM EASTERN US TIME so once Tuesday rolls around, tough. A winner will be selected on our show and emailed afterwards to talk prizes, codes, address, and all that other fun stuff.

Many thanks go out to all the companies that have contributed prizes to this contest. Without them our show would be nothing and this contest would be even less. They are not responsible for anything we say and do on the show and for all intents and purposes, have only donated prizes to our contest with the sole purpose of giving them away to one of our listeners. They are not liable for anything that happens as a result of this contest, nor are they at all responsible for picking the winner of the contest. If someone from the company wants to ENTER, I don’t really care, but that clearly won’t affect their chances of winning.


Thanks to: LOOT Interactive, Harmonix, Vector Unit, Hitcents, Snowrunner Productions, PHL Collective, GAIJINWORKS, Eclipse games, Nicoplv Games, Mechabit Games, Upfall Studios, Mattrified Games, Chris Chung, Dead Mage, Artifex Mundi, 10tons Ltd., Atomic Torch, Forge Reply, Headup Games, BetaDwarf, Total Monkery, Jaywalkers Interactive, Grimm Bros., Stellar Jockeys, Mommy’s Best Games, Metalhead Software, Pera Games, Corecell Technology, Daedalic Entertainment, Upper Byte, Wales Interactive, Zoink Games, DotEmu, Chainsawsome Games, Deck 13, Black Forest Games, Funatics Software, Rogers & Cowan PR, 505 Studios, Lucky BROGRAMS, Tiny Horse Games, Virtual Air Guitar Company, Inverse Phase, The Spin Wires, SWDTech Games, and Bob Baffy!
JUST ADDED: XINESS Co. Ltd, Defiant Development, Muteki Corp, Handy Games, and Stemage/Metroid Metal!

Additional thanks to any other companies who submit prizes to us after I write this. I’ll do my best to add you in, but I’m dumb and forgetful. I’m just going off of my list of what is confirmed right now.



Finally, to everybody who thinks our show sucks, besides being right, I have this for you: