We say goodbye to 2015 by welcoming Aki Kanerva of Virtual Air Guitar Company to the show!

Aki joins us all the way from Finland to discuss their new Xbox One Kinect title Beatsplosion, a game that combines a rhythm game experience with ninjas punching things to make working up a sweat enjoyable to do! We also talk about their past titles Squid Hero and Beat Ball, their history working on the Xbox 360 and PS2 dating back to the Eyetoy, and plenty more!

Our featured games this show are G Prime: Into the Rain, a unique gravity themed, space based puzzle game from Soma Games that releases on January 6th. Lovely Planet, developed by QUICKTEQUILA and published by tinyBuild Games, takes speed running first person shooter gameplay and cranks up the kawaii to 1000 on January 8th. Clash is a fun and fast paced four player local arena fighter from the folks at Fennec Fox Entertainment. Last but certainly not least, Trine 3: Artifacts of Power from Frozenbyte takes the trademark action RPG puzzle gameplay and tosses it into the third dimension to amazing results and is available now on the PS4!

We end this episode with three songs from the amazing Beatsplosion soundtrack from composers Thomas Holmes and Samppa Siurala!

Samppa Siurala – Insane Challenge (Beatsplosion)
Thomas Holmes – Neutrino World (Beatsplosion)
Thomas Holmes – Photon World (Beatsplosion)

Download the mp3 HERE, or stream it below!