This is it. Episode 200 is HERE!

We are joined by two of our all time favorite guests as Adam Rippon joins the show at the start with Bob Baffy joining a little later on. We talk about… God I don’t know. It’s two hours of just general screwing around and laughing. Nothing gets accomplished, it’s just some friends having a good time!

Oh, there is ONE thing we discuss for sure. The SML 200 Contest! It’s time for our show to get a new definition for the SML in our name and that’s where our listeners come in. Listen to the show for details get your entries in for a shot at winning over $1,000 in games and prizes! Yes, you read that right, over ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of game codes and prizes. We are not dicking around…

The show ends with a variety of some of our favorite artists and songs from the show over the years!

A_Rival – DEAD
Danny Baranowsky – Crypteque
Kris Huber – Smokey and the Bandit Town
Mega Beardo – Labyrinths of Fragmented Widsom
The OneUps – The Bane of Kanto (Gotta Kill ’em All)
Virt – Crystal Flash
Stemage – Marigold

Download it HERE, stream it below!