Holy crap we are still doing these? Two weeks in a row?? And go figure, second episode back and we nearly crack the 3 hour mark. Return to form, baby! Obviously it’s because we talk about E3 this week covering the conferences, news, announcements, surprises, and all that jazz.

We are joined by Ryan “Wood” Underwood for the show as we discuss and grade the events! Bethesda, Microsoft, Ubisoft, EA, Sony, and Nintendo all get discussed and we give our schoolhouse grades to Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo talking about all the highs and lows, and mediocres, and borings, and the awesomes!

Sticking with the music for now, despite our single email to theSMLpodcast@gmail saying they don’t really listen to it much. Why not, right? Let’s pad this baby out with some music celebrating the Final Fantasy VII Remake reveal as we rock out to some Advent Children music!

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children-Black Water
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children-Tatakau Monotachi
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children-The Highway Chase
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children-JENOVA
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children-One Winged Angel

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