Yeah. I suck.

This week we tackle the important issues as we talk about a new Diablo update, Destiny controversy, Batman PC issues, and the fact that I am a filthy hypocritical son of a bitch who bought yet another PS4 despite my past history of problems and saying I’d never get another one. A new NieR game was announced only on PS4. I had no choice.

We get an email addressing E3 from our loyal listener Zak Lyons and we make the decision to stick with music each episode, though chances are most weeks we won’t actually announce the songs on the show and I’ll just pick them when I’m typing this thing up.

So yeah, music! Three remixes from Batman on the NES to celebrate the new Batman that’s not at all on a Nintendo console. Rock on with the Bat-Tunes!

Midee-Cleaning Out Axis (Batman)
bLiNd-Rise N’ Step (Batman)
Thunder Thouin-Flugel Rock (Batman)

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