Pappy’s back. 🙁

Oh yeah, we also talk about stuff like Rocket League on the PS4, Forza, Dirty Bomb, more Rocket League, Kris’s addiction to Rocket League, how his Rocket Leage addiction is fairly unhealthy, how he wants to stream Rocket League, and some more Rocket Leage. Also, a story about how UPS sucks at my new place.

Music this week is a three pack of songs from the new PS4 release Onechanbara ZII Chaos which we are playing because UPS sucks at my new place.

Onechanbara ZII Chaos – Chaotic Atmosphere
Onechanbara ZII Chaos – Bounty Hunters
Onechanbara ZII Chaos – ICHIBAN WA ME

Download the mp3 HERE or stream below:

Or YouTube that bitch right here: