This week saw both the release of Windows 10 and the happening of Summer Games Done Quick, both of which get plenty of mention on the show this week! Whether we talk about the depressing meltdown of a speedrunner at SGDQ or the depressing monetization of friggin SOLITAIRE, there is plenty of super happy things to talk about!

Also, enjoy our 10 minute interlude where I discuss my credit card fraud charges with the credit card company, LIVE ON THE AIR! Do you expect anything different from us? Something like pausing the recording, handling my personal situation, and resuming the show afterwards? If you expected something like that, you must be new to the show.

Music this week is five tracks from the Kirby series to celebrate the birthday of Kirby including tracks from The OneUps, Ivan Hakstok, David “Dhsu” Hsu, and two tracks from Super Smash Bros.!

Kirby Super Star – King Dududu (Smash Brawl Mix)
Kirby Squeak Squad – Squeak Battle (Smash Brawl Mix)
The OneUps – Green Greens (Kirby’s Dream Land)
Ivan Hakstok – Pink Rocket (Kirby’s Epin Yarn)
Dhsu – Hero (Kirby’s Adventure)

Grab the mp3 HERE or stream it below:


Or YouTube that shits here: