After the awesome interview last week with the Motiga guys, the only fitting followup for us is to have a really uneventful episode during a week where there was very little news.

Frequent guest Ian “Jesus” Griffin joins us as we talk about Rock Band which leads us to talking about Fear Factory and Coal Chamber which somehow ends up with Forza talk and I don’t even know. We also talk about how this is basically the calm before the Fall Release Season kicks off next week so we will probably have a much more exciting show next week. Probably not.

Had no idea what music to play this week so I opened it up to my Facebook friends and was told to go with some Smash Bros. music, some Bound Together tracks, and my friend DCT requested himself. So yeah. That’s the music!

Super Smash Bros. 4 – Xenoblade Chronicles Medley
Shawn Phase – Santa is Dead (EarthBound)
Super Smash Bros. 4 – Kapp’n’s Song (Animal Crossing New Leaf)
Mustin – Flying Man (EarthBound)
DCT – I Can Hear You (feat. Logic One) (Mega Man 2)

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Also, if anybody from Shizblacka’s stream actually came here, thanks! You’re cool!