Great week this week as we welcome on Eddie Lee, founder of Funktronic Labs, who just released their first title Nova-111 on Xbox One, PS4/Vita, and Steam. Oh, and MORE FREE GAMES.

We spend a nice solid hour talking to Eddie about Nova-111 as well as his time at Q Games, creators of the PixelJunk series, and what led him to split off and create Funktronic Labs! We also talk about subjects ranging from retro gaming, inspirations for the mechanics of Nova-111, and how the hell somebody can “relax” by playing Dark Souls II like some sort of sociopath.

After Eddie leaves, the rest of the crew spends time talking about new releases like Mad Max and Metal Gear Solid V as well as the mass influx of indie games hitting the Xbox One this week including talk about Super Toy Cars from Eclipse Games, Quest of Dungeons from Upfall Studios, Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Hearts from Artifex Mundi, and Draw a Stickman: EPIC! from Hitcents.

Oh yeah, and we have Xbox One codes for most of those indie games to give out for free and you can find out how to get yourself some free games just by listening to the show and sending us some email at! It’s that friggin simple! And if that’s too hard, we read off two Steam codes for Nova-111 on the show as well in our usual SML style!

Fun little treat for music this week as we have five tracks from Nova-111 featuring some astounding music from Jack Menhorn. If you dig it, go to Amazon or iTunes and pick up the whole soundtrack now!

Jack Menhorn – Magneto Colora (Nova-111)
Jack Menhorn – Patel Frequency
Jack Menhorn – V-kng-52
Jack Menhorn – Nova-111
Jack Menhorn – End

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