Not only are we joined by special guest Wessam Bahnassi of IN|Framez Technology to talk about the new PS4 release Hyper Void, but Pappy is actually in town and in person, so all three of us are in the same room at the same time! If this was a video podcast, we’d have to pixelate a LOT of nudity.

Anyway, with Wessam on the show, we talk about the game Hyper Void, the subtle plot with numerous Easter Eggs hidden throughout, the use of multiple gameplay styles and the focus on multiple dimensions of gameplay, and the fact that an Xbox One version is on the way! We spend a solid hour of awesome conversation with Wessam before moving on to our usual stupidity!

We discuss three new titles that we got our hands on this past week. First up is the title Orbit by 4Bit Games, a multiplayer only party twin stick shooter deathmatch crazy time. We move on to Standpoint from Unruly Attractions, a trippy first person puzzler where gravity can switch at the press of a trigger depending on where you are looking. Finally, we tackle Polychromatic from Brushfire Games, a super colorful take on the twin stick shooter that will have you addicted for “just one more run”.

Lastly, we cover U2 in Rock Band, Tony Hawk’s newest disappointment of a game, and what we are playing. Plus we see that nobody emailed us, so we have all these game codes just sitting around not being given away. Fix that shit, folks. theSMLpodcast@gmail is where to write us and you get free games. Come on…

Music this week is a three pack of tracks from Hyper Void with some awesome electronic music by Kamel Bushnaq!

Kamel Bushnaq – VOLX (Hyper Void)
Kamel Bushnaq – Front End (Hyper Void)
Kamel Bushnaq – Am I a Crusader (Hyper Void)

Grab the mp3 of that shits HERE, or stream below!


Or YouTube it like a boss!