Heartbreaker of an episode this week as we are joined by two guests, but most of the episode was lost to audio corruption…

Myself and Pappy are joined by Christoffer Greulich of Denmark based BetaDwarf, developers of the new Xbox One title Forced! Also joining us is world famous Twitch streamer Shawn “Shizblacka” Paterson. And by world famous I mean that he lives in Canada and we’re in the US, so that covers the global spectrum.

The first 40 minutes of the show go swimmingly as Christoffer talks to us about Forced, including how the development team holed up in a school for 7 months before being discovered and then turning to crowdfunding to make Forced a reality! We discuss the challenges of the game, comparisons to other titles, and then my internet dropped. And that’s where shit got ugly.

See, after the internet died, I got it figured out, got everybody back on the call, and then recorded another hour and a half of the show including another 20+ minutes with Christoffer. When going to edit the file, I noticed that the entire section after the disconnect was glitched audio and couldn’t be used at all. THANKFULLY, Shiz was still awake and he joined me for the two of us to record a fresh nearly two hours. Go figure, our audio corrupts and our way to cover the mistake is to record a LONGER episode…

Our featured games discussed this week are: Organ Trail for the PS4 and Vita from The Men Who Wear Many Hats Productions, which is a fantastic zombie infused take on The Oregon Trail that feels like you’re playing on a 5 1/4″ floppy disc during recess. Marvel Puzzle Quest from D3 Go! and developed by WayForward sees the well known Puzzle Quest formula applied to Marvel characters with super addictive results. Codemasters released Overlord: Fellowship of Evil which may have dropped the strategy elements, but it still a hack and slash blast of a game. Chronus Arc for the 3DS from Kemco is a sheer delight for SNES RPG fans despite the difficulty spikes and need to grind. Finally, more talk about Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut from inXile Entertainment, which is absolutley incredible, insanely addictive, and might make me forget about Fallout 4.

We also discuss Destiny, read some emails, compare Rock Band 4 to Guitar Hero Live and come to the very easy decision that Guitar Hero Live is a massive disappointment that I regret buying, and we announce that Starbreeze Studios and 505 Games were awesome enough to send us a nice handful of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons codes for the Xbox One to give out to YOU! Just email us and talk to us! theSMLpodcast at gmail is the address and the reward is GAMES.

Finally, music this week is a three pack from the brand new PS3/4 release Tales of Zestiria. Feel free to check out the unboxing video I did and marvel at the fact that the game includes a friggin 50 PAGE, FULL COLOR INSTRUCTION MANUAL.

Tales of Zestiria – Conquer Thyself With Sword in hand
Tales of Zestiria – The Pride of the Earth is Tested
Tales of Zestiria – Bringer of Chaos and Calamity


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