Hope you like Octodad and technical issues, as we got ya covered for both this week!

So first off, there are spots in the episode where you’ll hear a quick static burst and then the subject mysteriously changes drastically. That’s because my PC decided to not record that chunk of time for some reason. There are only a few skips and nothing worthwhile was lost (because our show isn’t worthwhile to begin with) so we will just blame Pappy and hope he doesn’t screw up again in the future.

ANYWAY, our guest this week is Phil Tibitoski, President of Young Horses, the studio behind the wildly popular title Octodad: Dadliest Catch! We run through a gauntlet of email questions (some of which were rewarded with Octodad game codes!) for Phil before asking our own questions and we cover topics such as “What is Octodad?”, “How does Octodad have human kids?”, and “How can I get a free game?”

We also cover topics like platform releases, inability to discuss future projects, being terrible at games, and the fact that Pappy FINALLY got his copy of Halo 5 over a week late. Plus we read off our Resident Evil contest entries (except for Shizblacka’s that got lost in the audio issues that Pappy caused) and give away the prizes before we talk about games we are playing including Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition from Larian Studios which is quickly ensuring I may never touch another RPG because there’s so much to do in this one.

Finally, we end the week with a handful of Octodad tracks from composer Seth Parker and theme song composer Ian McKinney and you should probably just go buy the soundtrack from BandCamp right now.

Ian McKinney – Octodad (Nobody Suspects a Thing)
Seth Parker – First Date
Ian McKinney – Last Will and Testament
Ian McKinney – Octodad (Berry Gordy Reprise)
MP3 that bitch HERE, or stream and YouTube down yonder!