Kris is back for the week as we go forth without an actual interview for once!

That’s right, no interview, so it’s diving RIGHT into game news including all the big news from the Nintendo Direct event that happened just hours before we recorded! We also talk about our time with Fallout 4, Halo 5, Rock Band 4, Snoopy’s Grand Adventure, and how Kris has been touring around the east coast with his band doing all kinds of band things. Oh yeah, and with the new Xbox Experience and Backwards Compatibility finally here, game libraries are exploding!

Featured games discussed this week include: Pneuma: Breath of Life, a gorgeous first person puzzler from Deco Digital. The Book of Unwritten Tales II, a throwback to the adventure titles of old complete with zero hand holding developed by KING Art Games and published by Nordic Games. Yasai Ninja, a visually striking action platformer Reco Technology which recently had a title update that adds new skins, control settings, and plenty of optimizations (and is much better than the critics have previously declared).

Finally, it might be a few weeks late, but Super Mega Baseball music is here! Composer Nigel Whiting and Metalhead Software have hooked us up with four tracks from the game, and maybe there’s a little something extra at the end!

Nigel Whiting – Cawk Rock (Super Mega Baseball)
Nigel Whiting – Splash Loop (Super Mega Baseball)
Nigel Whiting – Mellow Groove (Super Mega Baseball)
Nigel Whiting – Post Game Metal (Super Mega Baseball)

MP3 download be HERE, stream and YouTube below: