SML welcomes Robert Jacob of Xtra Mile Games to the show to discuss the upcoming Kickstarter for their title Night City Assault!

Joe and Pappy talk with Robert about the creation of the game, what makes their title unique from other beat em up titles, and how they used our friends at SWDTech Games as inspiration for taking a second shot at Kickstarter after a failed first attempt!

As always, expect plenty of trips off topic as Pappy’s Thanksgiving movie marathon makes another appearance, Joe owning a horde of cats, Pappy getting dropped from Skype a few times, N-Gage and ports of the game, and what would happen if kangaroos owned guns. Video games!

We end the show with three tracks from Rob himself since not only is he the director of Night City Assault, he’s the composer too!

Robert Jacob – Roy Silver’s Theme (Night City Assault)
Robert Jacob – Night City Assault (Night City Assault)
Robert Jacob – Bring It (Night City Assault)

mp3 that sucka HERE, or steam and YouTube below: