Another interview goes down this week as we welcome South Korea’s Sun Park to the show!

Pappy and I talk with Sun Park to discuss the Turtle Cream release 6180 the moon for the Xbox One. We talk about the process of coming to the platform by having a run in with Xbox head Phil Spencer at the Tokyo Game Show, the story of the game and the planets personalities, gaming restrictions and regulations in South Korea for developers, and how bad Pappy is at the game.

After our chat with Sun, we then go into our featured titles of the week! Starwhal from Breakfall takes space narwhals and adds copious amounts of additional weird in this incredible title. Battle High 2 A+ from Mattrified Games is a great old school fighter with tons of fighters and replayability. DariusBurst Chronicle Saviours from Pyramid and Degica bring amazing side scrolling shooting from the Japanese arcades to the PS4, Vita, and Steam. Deadpool is the new gen re-release of the awesome original last gen title from High Moon Studios and Activision. The Delusions of Von Sottendorff and His Square Mind from Delirium Studios will have you solving puzzles, mazes, and exploring on your 3DS for hours.

As you can see, it’s a massively packed week and we still cover a Plague Inc. Simian Flu update, my wacky adventures obtaining Xenoblade Chronicles X, news from PlayStation Experience, read some emails, and talk about future episodes and interviews, as well as mention all the FREE GAMES we have to give out as long as you send us a good, worthwhile email! theSMLpodcast@gmail is the way to do it and you get free shit!

The show concludes with five amazing tracks from Xenoblade Chronicles X because holy crap the music is good!

Hiroyuki Sawano – Z37 Battle (Xenoblade Chronicles X)
Hiroyuki Sawano – CodenameZ (Xenoblade Chronicles X)
mpi – Black Tar (Xenoblade Chronicles X)
Hiroyuki Sawano – Growth F.S.K.O. (Xenoblade Chronicles X)
Hiroyuki Sawano – RAOKIMERATERESIA (Xenoblade Chronicles X)

Download the mp3 HERE, or stream/YouTube it below!