Another interview as SML welcomes Vedran Klanac of Ocean Media to discuss the PS4 release Zotrix!

We have a new Croatian on the show this time as Vedran Klanac joins me to discuss Zotrix making the jump from PC over to the PS4, it’s eventual trips in 2016 to the Xbox One and Wii U, future games from Ocean Media including the recent Early Access release of Solar Division, and so much more. Plus I apparently helped detect a bug in the PS4 version of the game, so yay for me. I expect my name in the credits in a special thank you.

We end the show with three songs from the amazing Zotrix soundtrack that features nearly a dozen different artists churning out some incredible trance music. The game is worth the price for the soundtrack alone!

Galilee – OK Let’s Begin (Zotrix)
Spongeworthy – Geoturmoil (Zotrix)
Damjan Mravunac – No Protocol (Zotrix)

Download the mp3 HERE, or stream below!