One more interview this week as SML welcomes Matt DeLucas of Mattrified Games!

This episode sees Pappy and I joined by the previously mentioned Matt DeLucas to talk about his brand new Xbox One release Battle High 2 A+, a 2D fighting game that takes everything you love about old school fighters without all the unnecessary fluff to deliver solid fighting with 14 characters all for only $5.

We talk about the game, the history of Battle High, being on the Ouya, and then Kris shows up so he can sell himself on doing music for any possible future DLC, and then I try whoring myself out to do voice work, and then things just get weird from there because Pappy and Matt start talking about food places in Pittsburgh and then Smash Bros news happens and it’s just a normal episode of SML for the most part when you think about it.

The episode ends with a nice lineup of songs from Battle High 2 A+ from composer Jesse Valentine!

Jesse Valentine – Battle High Main Menu (Battle High 2 A+)
Jesse Valentine – Character Select
Jesse Valentine – Bryan’s Theme
Jesse Valentine – Ryken’s Theme
Jesse Valentine – Khai’s Theme
Jesse Valentine – Jiro’s Theme

Download the mp3 HERE, or the streams things are below!