Join all of us at SML as we bring you good friends, good jokes, good music, and pure stupidity for the holidays!

Also, not only is this our Christmas episode, but we are celebrating a whopping 150 episodes! And what better way than to call in some of our favorite guests as we welcome the one and only Bob Baffy and the other and solitary Mike Mika to the show to talk about the upcoming IDARB update and then get off topic for the rest of the show. It’s impossible to describe their episodes, so I’m not trying. Just listen. And then hope the Def Jam meeting goes well.

We also talk about games we are playing as well as some miscellaneous news tidbits and my early time with the upcoming PS4 game Amplitude from our friends at Harmonix! Kickstarter backers are playing it now, but you can get your hands on it in January! We also have a quick thanks to the awesome Virtual Air Guitar Company (as well as Pappy paying too much attention to initials) who hooked us up with Beatsplosion that will be covered in a future episode because our weekends got busy.

Finally, we end a Christmas show the only way possible. With Christmas music. Our musician friends took time out of their lives to create highly sophisticated, customized remixes of some of their past songs to fit the Christmas spirit. These are legit one of a kind tracks you cannot hear anywhere else!

Bob Baffy – Streets of Fighting Bells (IDARB Holiday Preview)
Kris Huber – The Shop is Closed Due to Inclement Weather (Castle Crashers Krismas Remix)
Jeff Ball – Break Down the Halls With Boughs of Holly (Tiny Barbarian DX Jingle Balls Remix)
Ailsean – Dollar Tree Skylaners Are Still Viable Presents (Skylanders Cri$$ma$$ Remix)
The Tiberian Suns – Hell March Freezes Over (Command & Conquer Trans-Tiberian Orchestra Remix)

Download the mp3 HERE, or stream it and YouTube it below!