We welcome in 2016 with Nick Mudry of Harmonix to discuss the upcoming PS4 release AMPLITUDE!

Nick joins us on New Years Eve so we can discuss the return of Amplitude, it’s journey through Kickstarter, the differences between Amplitude, Frequency, and Rock Band Blitz, plus Pappy continually asks about Rock Band stuff until we all just basically give up and talk about Rock Band!

Also, Nick is legitimately shocked to hear now much Rock Band DLC Joe owns, and even more shocked when reminded that the library on Xbox One doesn’t include the hundreds of pulled songs, exports, or RBN tracks that didn’t carry over to Rock Band 4 yet. Plus mozzarella stick discussion you absolutely cannot miss including the verdict from Nick on the BEST mozzarella sticks around!

We end this episode with three songs from Amplitude featuring tracks from SML favorite Danny Baranowsky as well as inter:sect and Symbion Project! Let’s hope YouTube doesn’t kill us for this one!

Danny Baranowsky – Crypteque (1-2)
inter:sect featuring Noelle LeBlanc & Naoko Takamoto – Decode Me
Symbion Project – CONCEPT

Download the mp3 HERE, or stream down yonder!



https://intersect-music.bandcamp.com/ (??????)