Absolute monster of a show this week with Joe Longoria of Gnobsoftware and the return of Shawn “Shizblacka” Paterson!

The show starts off quickie interview style as we talk to Joe Longoria about his recent Wii U release Molly Maggot, a platformer where you control a maggot inside a body trying to get out. It’s crazy, it’s twisted, it’s difficult, and it’s only $2! And be prepared to play your own music to make the experience exactly what you want!

Next up we cover a chunk of news including updates to Battle High 2 A+ from Mattrified Games, the Xbox One holiday lineup sales numbers, Scalebound and Recore delays, and the rumors that Assassin’s Creed is taking a year off. Plus we delve into a chunk of emails including three people who won themselves copies of Beatsplosion from Virtual Air Guitar Company just by emailing us at theSMLpodcast@gmail and telling us why they wanted it! See? You can get games that easily. Listen to this episode to find out how to win more games!

Our featured games lineup this week is massive, so let’s get right into it! The Mark of Kri from Sony is a PS2 Classic on the PS4 updated with 1080p visuals, trophies, streaming support, and is an all time classic! Plus holy crap Sony sent us a game! Hyper Void hit the Xbox One this week from in|framez Technology and The SML Podcast broke that exclusive news over Twitter (and the game is still as awesome as the Episode 128 days). Unepic from EnjoyUp Games is a fantastic 2D platforming RPG where you explore a castle after somehow winding up there while peeing. Aaru’s Awakening from Lumenox is a gorgeous overlooked platformer/puzzler from last year that is getting some overdue love. Electronic Super Joy from Michael Todd Games and LOOT Interactive is a trippy, seizure inducing, brutal platformer that takes (literal?) pleasure in watching you die. Back to Bed from Bedtime Digital Games and LOOT Interactive is a Escher-esque puzzle game about steering a man to his bed from this past August. Finally, Star Wars Pinball: The Force Awakens DLC from Zen Studios brings two new awesome pinball tables to Zen Pinball 2 and Pinball FX2 based on the new movie!

To close out the show, we celebrate the Xbox One release of Hyper Void with five tracks from Kamel Bushnaq from the game’s soundtrack! Grab the soundtrack now on the Google Play Store!

Kamel Bushnaq – Demyst
Kamel Bushnaq – DRecurse
Kamel Bushnaq – Challenger
Kamel Bushnaq – DistroVoid
Kamel Bushnaq – Finale

Download the mp3 HERE, stream options below: