What happens when a sick podcast host Skype calls a sick game designer? SML.

No Pappy or Kris, but Joe is here ready to chat with David D’Angelo of the one and only Yacht Club Games to discuss their breakaway hit Shovel Knight! We talk about everything including the Kickstarter, living up to Kickstart expectations with so many failures, what it was like to get an amiibo made for their character, and how the both of us are sick.

We also talk about why Pappy is bad at the game, who two year olds at conventions like playing the game, what happened to the Xbox One physical release, and how Jake Kaufman made so much super sexy music for this game. It’s a great hour long chat with David and it makes us all even more excited to see all the fun stuff in the future for Shovel Knight!

And speaking of Jake Kaufman and his sexy, sexy music, we end the episode with five of his super sexy tracks of sexiness from Shovel Knight: The Soundtrack of Sexy.

Jake Kaufman – Shovel Knight Release Trailer
Jake Kaufman – Of Devious Machinations (Clockwork Tower)
Jake Kaufman – Watch Me Dance!
Jake Kaufman – Battling the Burrower
Jake Kaufman – The Science Wizard (Explodatorium)

Download the mp3 HERE, streams below!