I hope you have a lot of time on your hands, because three guests get us nearly three hours of podcast!

This one is a monster. Like, massive monster. We are joined by three guests this show with David Sterling of LOOT Interactive on to talk about Electronic Super Joy and he brought along Twitch streamer Paul “1ceprime” Mattson and his lovely wife “Ladybug” Lauren Mattson to join the insanity, and it gets insane. Our introductions don’t start until 15 minutes in because the conversation was too good to trim.

We spend plenty of time talking about David’s creation of LOOT Interactive, the titles they’ve released, titles in store, and his past in the industry. We also talk about 1ceprime’s development history on Call of Duty Black Ops and Wildstar as well as being a full time streamer. Then there’s just TONS of talk about porn and dicks and kazoos and we nicknamed David “The Rod” and it’s kind of a blur. Plus I’m sick, so I really don’t remember half of the show.

After nearly two hours, we turn our attention to featured games and emails! We give out a number of free games this week to the fine folks who emailed us, plus we discuss the following titles! Gone Home from The Fullbright Company and Midnight City is an enthralling title about coming home and exploring your empty house and discovering family secrets. BlazeRush on the PS4 from Targem Games is an isometric racer in the vein of RC Pro Am with awesome weapons and super satisfying events. Punch Club from Lazy Bear Games and tinyBuild is a fantastic resource management sim wrapped in pop culture references, fighting, and pixel awesoemness. Finally, The Banner Saga from Stoic and Versus Evil is an incredible story driven experience with a gorgeous retro hand drawn art style and turn based strategy battles. We even get an email from Uneaten Lake with his take on The Banner Saga as well!

We end the show with five songs from Electronic Super Joy, composed by the one and only EnV. Doesn’t matter how many times you die in ESJ, you’ll keep dancing, and you’ll like it.

EnV – Destination (Electronic Super Joy)
EnV – This Sound (Electronic Super Joy)
EnV – FireFrost (Electronic Super Joy)
EnV – Shakestopper (Electronic Super Joy)
EnV – OCP (Electronic Super Joy)

Download the show HERE, or stream below!