Fun change of pace as SML welcomes Jesse Radonski of Evolve PR to the show!

That’s right, no developer interview this time, instead we are joined by somebody who works for Evolve PR, a public relations firm that deals with title as big as Dying Light and The Witcher 3, to fantasic indies like Penarium, Poly Bridge, Layers of Fear, and Klaus! We talk about his time with the firm, his time before Evolve, and then we talk about really depressing movies because I hate Pappy.

After a nice chunk of time talking to Jesse, we move on to two featured titles this episode. Gemini: Heroes Reborn from Phosphor Games and Imperative Entertainment is a first person action game where you time jump and use mind powers to throw people into fans. Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space from Z4G0 and Merge Games is a first person action/puzzler that made Pappy frustrated because of the controls so I’m going to have to play it myself for a better description. Pappy really is the worst. Plus we pick a winner for our Banner Saga giveaway thanks to Stoic and Versus Evil!

We end the episode with some Crpyt of the Necrodancer music from Danny Baranowsky!

Danny Baranowsky – Igneous Rock
Danny Baranowsky – Disco Descent
Danny Baranowsky – Tombtorial
Danny Baranowsky – Crypteque
Danny Baranowsky – Dead End

Download it HERE, stream it below!