No guest this week, but Kris is back and we have tons of games to discuss, so let’s get the show going!

Before we get into our games coverage, I want to toss out that we being the show with a very sensitive discussion on the language of some gamers online. We did our best to be as careful with the subject matter at hand, but listener discretion is advised for the first 22 minutes before we get back to our more light hearted style of idiocy and profanity. We’d love to hear your own thoughts on the subject though, so feel free to drop us a line at theSMLpodcast@gmail with any comments or for…

Contests! We gave away a TON of games this episode including SIX copies of Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink thanks to Artifex Mundi and one copy of Gone Home thanks to The Fullbright Company! Listen to us read off a bunch of contest entries as well as our correspondent Uneaten Lake sending in his review of Rebel Galaxy, a space based action/exploration title that fees like Firefly: The Video Game fromm Double Damage Games. PLUS, we have a copy of the game to give away. Send us your emails telling us WHY you want it and the best email gets the game on Xbox One!

Next up we dive into the rest of our featured titles! Summon Night 5, brought to the PSP in the US by GaijinWorks, is a fantastic and VERY story heavy SRPG that doesn’t hold your hand! Death By Game Show from Oointah Games is a 2D strategy tower defense game on Steam heavily influenced by the world of Idiocracy that will actively make fun of you for your failures (like Pappy). The Deadly Tower of Monsters from ACE Team and ATLUS is an absolutely insane action/hack n slash/shooter set on a 50s B movie with aliens and dinosaurs and film glitches and thumbprints on the lens and director’s commentary running the whole time that is a definite must-own! Klaus, from La Cosa Entertainment, is a super fun and stylish 2D action platformer that turns puzzler with a story based on trying to recover your lost memories. Finally, Dinocide from AtomicTorch Studio is an old school retro pixel platformer that feels like Adventure Island and Joe & Mac had a baby and it grew up ready to make it’s parents proud!

Weren’t sure what kind of music to play this week, so we figured that since we didn’t have a guest to impress, we’d just play some of the dumbest stuff we could. In a good way. Air horns, pizza, PC Bros, a Trent Reznor parody, and Danimal Cannon. Sounds like a happy ending to me!

South Park – PC Bro Chant (Metal Version)
Cyranek – Guile’s Theme (MLG Airhorn Remix)
Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen – Gimmie Pizza (Slowed Down Trip Hop Mix)
Danimal Cannon – The Music Industry is Horrible and So is This Song (I’m So Smexy)
Frederick Scott – This is a Trent Reznor Song

Download it HERE, stream it below!