Join all of us at The SML Podcast as we celebrate our three year anniversary!

No real format to the show this week as schedules don’t line up, but the whole crew is here (despite Kris only being around for a half hour of it) and we are joined by our friends Adam Rippon of Choice Provisions and Shawn “Shizblacka” Paterson to celebrate the show in style with tons of laughs, stories, and Adam making spaghetti and garlic bread to eat with his whiskey. Plus emails, news, and our featured games!

Kris gives us his final thoughts on Blood Bowl 2, the digital version of the tabletop classic from Cyanide Studio and Focus Home Interactive. Volume from Mike Bithell Games mixes VR simulation style visuals with fantastic stealth gameplay. The Bug Butcher from Awfully Nice Studios is a 2D Buster Bros style shooter that Pappy ALMOST beat! Krinkle Krusher from Ilusis Interactive Graphics is a castle defense game that is stupidly fun and addictive. Fortified from Clapfoot Games mixes tower defense with a third person horde mode shooter where friends are a requirement! Finally, Cobalt from Oxeye Games and published by Mojang is an incredible 2D action/shooter/platformer with a fantastic campaign and an addictive arcade mode!

To end the show, we celebrate Adam joining us with a few tracks from the soundtrack to his game Dragon Fantasy Book II by the always amazing Dale North!

Dale North – The Day is Mine! (Dragon Fantasy Book II)
Dale North – Gutsy Tactics (Dragon Fantasy Book II)
Dale North – Elevator Music (Dragon Fantasy Book II)
Dale North – Ships and Stones (Dragon Fantasy Book II)
Dale North – Reminiscence of Journey (Dragon Fantasy Book II)

Download the mp3 HERE, stream below!