Another play and podcast session as SML welcomes Mark Ng of Clapfoot Games!

Mark joins us along with this week’s special co-host Shawn “Shizblacka” Paterson to talk about the Clapfoot release Fortified, but only after we previously played an hour of the game together in which the game creator was somehow the worst performing member of our group. Go figure… We discuss the setting of the game, balancing the game just right, potential future plans for the game, and how Clapfoot better not screw with my Bazooka Boys and ruin my Hall of Pain given the game is hard enough the way it is.

After Mark’s mom arrives to pick him up, we move on to announce our official new review system of Buy It/Try It/Deny It! We retroactively award Fortified with a Buy It because it’s so damn good and then we progress to this episode’s feature games. Royal Defense from Creobit and 8Floor is a PS Vita tower defense game that does everything right and keeps you entertained. Buy It! Alien Shooter from Sigma Team and 8Floor is an isometric twin stick shooter about murdering aliens and finding tons of secrets. Try It or wait to check out the upcoming PS4 release. Brunswick Pro Bowling from Farsight Studios and Alliance Digital Media is an in depth bowling title that requires a lot of work be put into it before you get good, just like real bowling. Sadly, unless you are a hardcore bowling fan, Deny It until the price comes down.

Finally, we end the episode with a pack of songs from Metroid Metal!

Metroid Metal – Kraid (Metroid)
Metroid Metal – Torvus Bog (Metroid Prime 2)
Metroid Metal – The Tunnel (Metroid 2)
Metroid Metal – Sector 4 (Metroid Fusion)
Metroid Metal – Ending (Metroid)

Download the episode HERE, stream below: