We return from MAGFest ready to get back to business and we kick things off with Kyle Orth of Blowfish Studios!

Kyle joins us to discuss the upcoming console release of Gunscape from him and the team at Blowfish Studios. We also talk about level creation tools, the old school feel of the game, what TTP means and how we can twist it to fit my cat Potato, and we also drag Stride PR rep Chase Litzenberg into the show despite him just being there for PR reasons and not to actually be on the show. We don’t play that way. We will talk to you.

After our time with Kyle and Chase comes to an end, we move on to cover three featured titles! First up is Rocket League from Psyonix which just made its debut on the Xbox One last week and are all already hopelessly addicted. Wondershot from Leikir Studio is a local arena battler mixed with challenges and endless co-op battles to keep you coming back for more. Super Blast Deluxe by Raptus Games on the PS Vita takes all the awesome barrel blasting sections from Donkey Kong Country, turns them into puzzle style stages, adds time and scoring and stars, and then kicks you in the face because you are going to be bad at it and you will like it.

This episode closes out with three tracks from some of our friends from MAGFest!

Danimal Cannon – Long Live the New Fresh
The OneUps – PC LOAD LETTER (Command & Conquer: Red Alert)
LONELYROLLINGSTARS – Merging Black Holstice (Solstice)

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