Back to the insanity as we are welcomed by Scrumptious Unscripted’s Christie Teigen to talk about all things MAGFest!

The first chunk of the show is devoted to our crazy escapdes at MAGFest, whether it was watching VG Improv, or concerts from The OneUps, Metroid Metal, or Gimmick!, or even just wandering the indie games showcase checking out awesome games and a few guys who need PR lessons! MAGFest is always amazing and this year was one of the best because SML made a presence, concerts were amazing, over 20,000 people were there, a pajama party happened, and Tub Talk was a thing.

Featured titles time! The Flame in the Flood is a stunningly gorgeous survival roguelike from The Molasses Flood. Pixel Piracy from Quadro Delta and 505 Games mixes pirates, pixels, and resource management in an awesome mashup of styles. Reagan Gorbachev from Team2Bit gives Reagan a katana, Gorbachev some poisoned blow darts, and your night an insane action game. Tiny Troopers Joint Ops from Epiphany Games and Wired Productions brings the bite sized shooter to the Xbox One with exclusive extras. 6180 the moon from Turtle Cream hits the Wii U with an all new dual screened makeover. We Are the Drawves from Whale Rock gets some first impressions on SML as it destroys Pappy repeatedly. I Love My Circle from Joshua Burr is a single finger controlled game on iOS and Android that looks simple yet is anything but!

We end the show with another three pack of songs from the incredible Chronicles of Time album!

Stemage – Sunny with a 100% Chance of Balloons
Claude D. – Frog’s Theme
Marshal Art and Friends – Party at Lab 16

Download HERE, stream below: