This episode SML welcomes Hugh Monahan of Stellar Jockeys to talk about his title Brigador!

We amazingly spend an entire 90 minutes talking to Hugh about the game and not really going off topic because the conversation was just so interesting! We discussed the five year journey to create the game, the lore behind the game and factions, the whole Nickelback poster event that brought the game lots of attention, and so much more!

Tons of featured titles this show! Ironcast from Dreadbit and Ripstone takes incredibly strategic mech combat and tosses in some gem matching for an awesome experience that will kill you a lot. Action Henk from RageSquid and Curve Digital feels like the rebirth of Uniracers for a new generation with newly added butt sliding. Californium from Darjeeling, Nova Production, ARTE France, and Neko Entertainment lets you explore the incredible world of Philip K Dick. Zirkel from Marc-Andre Weibesahn and I Love My Circle from Joshua Barr are two great mobile titles worth checking out. Royal Defense: Invisible Threat from 8Floor picks up exactly where the first Royal Defense leaves off which is perfect for fans of the first game. Pirate Solitaire, also from 8Floor, mixes mahjong with poker cards to extremely addictive results. Plus Pappy explains why he cannot properly cover We Are the Dwarves from Whale Rock and is getting somebody else on the case!

The show ends with three tracks from Brigador!

Makeup and Vanity Set – Fatal Flaw (Brigador)
Makeup and Vanity Set – Unison (Brigador)
Makeup and Vanity Set – No Way Out (Brigador)

Download the mp3 HERE, stream below!