Monster of a show this week as we hit the 2 1/2 hour mark thanks to tons of reviews and welcoming Mike Sennott of Rad Dragon to talk Alphabeats: Master Edition which just released on PC!

We spend the first hour chatting with Mike about the creation of the game on mobile, the transition to Steam and the addition of custom song mode and combining all the mobile DLC into one single package, the end of Rad Dragon as the crew works on their own projects, and so much more. Plus discussion of Rocket League, sports titles, and pizza wars which makes me hungry for Dalo’s Pizza as I type this up. If you ever find yourself in Berwick PA, grab some Dalo’s.

Featured titles are HUGE this week! Teslagrad from Rain Games is a gorgeous, combat free Metroidvania style game where the game revolves around magnetic style puzzles. Tetraminos from Sanuk Games and Bigben Interactive is a Tetris-style game with unique pieces, challenge modes, and a puzzle mode to keep you busy. MagNets: Fully Charged from Total Monkery is an action puzzle game about scrapping robots with your electric field and powering up various items to secure areas from said endless robots. Cel Damage HD from Finish Line Games brings the Xbox/PS2/GameCube vehicle combat title to the Xbox One in glorious HD and the same crazy action. Blast ‘Em Bunnies from Nnooo is a first person wave shooter where you gotta keep bunnies out of your carrot patch, and is quite addictive! Pixel Hunter from Lemondo Entertainment is a 2D platformer/shooter with 3D cubified graphics. Toki Tori 2+ from Two Tribes is a relaxing puzzle platformer that is as enjoyable as it is cute. Plus we give the final word on We Are the Dwarves from Whale Rock Games and take a look at the PS4 release of Assault Android Cactus from Witch Beam, who we interviewed back on Episode 129!

And if that’s not enough, we give away some games, talk about more giveaways, discuss the closure of Lionhead and our friends at Press Play (nooooo!), chat about some Killer Instinct Season 3 leaks, and so much more! My hands are getting tired typing this, so just listen to the show already!

This episode ends with three tracks from the Alphabeats soundtrack!

Disasterpeace – Gun Gun Gun
Big Giant Circles – Sevcon
Absent Qualia – Nothing to Do With Queen Victoria

Download it HERE, or stream below: