Episode 178 of SML has us welcoming Kiefen Zipf and Arran Seaton of Monothetic Games to the show!

We chat about their recently unveiled game Beacon, how cool it was to be featued on the Xbox Wire for the initial reveal of the game, having their title at the Xbox booth at GDC, learning to sell your game to other people, and how Kiefen inadvertently implied that Phil Spencer is a scrub and would suck at the game. And they’re still alive to talk about it! Plus plenty more talk about the game itself, the mechanics of the title, and so much more!

We end the episode with the three longest songs from the Chronicles of Time album because I thought it would be funny to nearly double the length of the show because of three songs.

Ansgaros – Epich
Derrus-Kharlan – Eons
Corey Johnson – Lavos (Ring of Fire)

Download it HERE, stream below!