This episode I am joined by Sandro Tomasetti of Cyber Rhino Studios as well as Twitch streamer and frequent guest Shawn “Shizblacka” Paterson!

Since Kris and Pappy are unavailable, I bring Shiz in to welcome Sandro to the show to discuss the recent console release of Gryphon Knight Epic, the side scrolling fantasty shooter! We talk about the game’s console release compared to the original PC version, the Mega Man influences that run deep through the title, future game plans and possible DLC ideas, the straight baller plushies that were created for the Kickstarter campaign that I sadly missed out on, and how bad Shizblacka is at the game because he dies repeatedly while playing during the show! A fantastic chat for a fantastic game!

We end the show with four tracks from the Gryphon Knight Epic soundtrack!

Marcelo Rosa – Gryphon Knight Main Theme
Marcelo Rosa – The Forest
Guilherme Moraes – End Titles
Guilherme Moraes – Gryphon Knight Theme (Piano Version)

Download HERE, Stream below!