SML welcomes William Brierly of Snow Runner Productions to the show to talk about the new release of Soda Drinker Pro!

We talk about the game and the history of the title, his time spent at soda conventions, the fact that he developed his own soda, his time spent in the band Big Nazo, plus all the insanity of the game from having 102 stages where you can drink soda, to the fact that there’s dozens of hidden secrets and easter eggs in the game, all the way to having an entire second game hidden inside the game which itself is made up of tons of different minigames for you to game while you game and drink soda.

The show ends with a bunch of songs from the Soda Drinker Pro soundtrack from William Brierly himself! I’d credit them all, but they’re all like 30-60 seconds and there’s 20 of them, so I’m just going to write this:

William Brierly – Soda Drinker Pro Medley of Insanity

Download HERE, stream below!

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