SML welcomes Alexandr Potapenko of Pinokl Games and Twitch streamer friend of the show Shawn ‘Shizblacka’ Paterson to the show to talk about the console release of Party Hard!

We talk about Party Hard and the story of a really tired man annoyed by the non-stop partying of his neighbors and his desire to kill them to shut them up and how it correlates to Alexandr’s real neighbors. We also cover how Pinokl Games is apparently comprised mostly of Alexandr’s and how the Alexandr on our show was lucky enough to have his nickname actually be Alexandr. Plus discussion on the console version’s creation, teaming up with tinyBuild for publishing, the user generated content on the Steam release, future DLC hopes, and the fact that we once again have a developer who loves Dark Souls.

The show ends with a handful of songs from the incredible Party Hard soundtrack by composer Felipe Adorno Vassao!

Felipe Adorno Vassao – Don’t Stop Party (BBQ Party)
Felipe Adorno Vassao – Retro Video Game (Casino Party)
Felipe Adorno Vassao – My Future Broken Heart (Miami Party)
Felipe Adorno Vassao – Paid to Party (Party Bus)
Felipe Adorno Vassao – Afterparty (Campus Party)

Download the show HERE, stream it below!