Absolutely massive show this week as we welcome back members of Harmonix for the SEVENTH time!

We are joined by Criss Burki, Josh Harrison, and Tom Bender of Harmonix to talk to us about all things Rock Band! From the newest update with double bass support to the fall expansion pack featuring the long awaited online play, we spend nearly 90 minutes talking Rock! We also cover Rock Band Network desires, further plans for the expansion pack, and we make plans to welcome HMX back after they reveal all the juicy news at E3!

After the Harmonix crew depart, we move on to some giveaways and cover news like May’s PlayStation Plus lineup, new games on the Xbox One Backward Compatibility list, new additions to the EA Access Vault, DC Universe Online landing on Xbox for the first time, and the news that OlliOlli2 and Not A Hero from our friends at Roll7 will be hitting the Xbox this month! Plus we take an email from our friend Rez who details the state of Fallout 4 and discusses all of the DLC for the game so far! Oh yeah, and a TON of featured games!

Battle Worlds: Kronos from KING Art Games and Nordic Games is a turn based strategy RPG that will keep you busy for a super long time. Azkend 2: The World Beneath from 10tons Ltd is an addictive gem matching game with some fun mechanics. Mystery Castle from Runestone Games is a fantastic puzzle game in the vein of the old school Lolo titles. The Detail from Rival Games Ltd. is a gritty polic adventure game with a fantastic story and choices that actually matter. ShellShock Live from kChamp Games is a ridiculously fun online tank game that reminds me of the Scorched Earth battles of my youth.

The Park from Funcom is a short and sweet horror adventure game that will make you hate theme parks forever. Neverending Nightmares from Infinitap Games is a gorgeous hand drawn horror title where even death doesn’t end the experience. Coffin Dodgers from Milky Tea Studios and Wales Interactive is a stupidly goofy and fun kart racer with Road Rage influences, old people, death, and zombies. Finally, SUPERHOT from Superhot Team is a stylish and innovative first person shooter puzzle game where time only moves when you move and it’s basically Bullet Time: The Video Game. Big week!

We end this beast of a show with a handful of tracks from the Adventures of Pip soundtrack from the always amazing Jake Kaufman!

Jake Kaufman – Boss Battle
Jake Kaufman – Caves
Jake Kaufman – Lava Mines
Jake Kaufman – Final Boss Battle
Jake Kaufman – End Credits

Download the show HERE, stream it below!