Massive show this week as we welcome good friend Grant “Stemage” Henry to the show!

Grant isn’t on to shill a project or talk about a new release, he’s just here to chat with us, and chat is exactly what we do as we spend nearly 2 1/2 hours with him talking about Steven Universe and Grant’s role in the music of the show, VR gaming, EA Access news, Black Ops being compatible on the Xbox One, the nightmare of using the Xbox One without a Kinect! Plus featured games!

Shadwen from Frozenbyte is a gorgeous third person stealth game where you can kill or sneak, or both, all while using time to your advantage! Overfall from Pera Games is an incredibly fun roguelike strategy game with beautiful visuals, tons to unlock, and it made Joe give a PC game a “Buy it!” rating. Mimic Arena from Tiny Horse Games is a great mix of arena brawling, N+, and murdering clones with some awesome music to boot. Cubikolor from Fractal Box and Moving Player is a fun cube rolling puzzle game with color matching elements and difficulty to crush your soul.

Plus we tackle the rest of the Season 3 tables from Farsight Studios’ Pinball Arcade and have some entertaining pinball discussion with Grant who has had hands on time with many of the tables discussed in the past two weeks, including sharing cool stories about the table Diner that we cover this week and some fun facts about a proposed Legend of Zelda table!

We end the show with five songs from and featuring Grant!

Stemage & Adam Henry – CNTR (Contra Medley)
Mega Beardo, Stemage, & Viking Guitar – Blue Burr (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Stemage – City (Alpha Squad)
Kris Huber & Stemage – Smokey and the Bandit Town (Shantae)
Stemage – Amulet

Download it HERE, stream it below!