This episode welcomes Jaakko Maaniemi of 10tons Ltd. to the show to chat about their newest release Neon Chrome!

We spend a nice hour talking about Neon Chrome, the workings of the game, bringing the game to consoles after a PC release, this history of 10tons as well as their games like Crimsonland, the Sparkle series, and so much more! Plus discussions on the music, future plans from 10tons including King Oddball and Xenoraid, and our love of crazy games in general!

After Jaakko leaves, I tackle three more featured games from this past week! Kick & Fennick from Jaywalkers Interactive and Abstraction Games is a fantastic platformer where you shoot and jump with the same gun! Fragments of Him from SassyBot Studio is an emotional drama that proves that not all games need to be a hardcore shooter. Hard Reset Redux from Flying Wild Hog and Gambitious Digital Entertainment is an insane old school hardcore shooter that would probably pull a gun on me in a dark alley for that last comment I wrote about Fragments of Him.

We end the show with three songs from Neon Chrome by composer Jonathan Geer! Go check out the full album and the rest of his work over on Bandcamp!

Jonathan Geer – Monopoly on Violence
Jonathan Geer – Neon Chrome
Jonathan Geer – Cybernetic

Download HERE, stream below!