This episode welcomes Erik Johnson of Infinite Monkeys Entertainment Ltd. to the party!

Erik and I talk about his company’s game Life Goes On: Done to Death which just released recently on the PS4! We talk about the origins of the game being a Game Jam a few years back, the changes from the original PC version of the game, the choice to go with Sony on the PS4 and if it was the right call, and how cool it would be to release a Collector’s Edition physical release with a Jeff plushie!

Plus we chat about favorite games, E3 rumors about the Bethesda lineup, Injustice 2, XCOM 2 getting a console release, new games added to the Xbox One Backward Compatibility list, and tons more!

The show ends with three songs from the Crypt of the Necrodancer soundtrack from FamilyJules7x as well as two tracks from the Life Goes On soundtrack from composer Kevin Greenlee!

FamilyJules7x – Infernal Descent
FamilyJules7x – The Deranged
FamilyJules7x – Undead Desperation
Kevin Greenlee – Life Goes On
Kevin Greenlee – Walking on Eggshells

Download it HERE, stream it below!