This episode welcome Matthew Doucette of Xona Games to the show!

We talk to Matthew about his new game Score Rush Extended, which recently released on the PS4! We chat about the history of Xona Games, past projects on the Xbox Live Indie Game section on Xbox 360, trying to hack a leaderboard into the an XBLIG title all virus style, the jump to PlayStation with Score Rush Extended, future game ideas, future platform goals, and tons more! Plus all the usual insanity of an SML interview!

After Matthew departs, we cover a ton of news including the newest Horizon Zero Dawn trailer and release date info, the reveal of Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age for PS4, the newest Rock Band 4 DLC and the artists for June, and all the details on the newest Summer Update for the Xbox One including a redesigned storefront, updated Games & Apps section, and the long awaited introduction of Cortana! Plus featured games!

Color Symphony 2 from REMIMORY is a 2D platformer with color changing mechanics that is pretty tough and pretty PRETTY. In Between from Gentlymad Games and Headup Games is a 2D puzzle platformer with a really cool gravity switching mechanic. Fenix Furia from Green Lava Studios and Reverb Games is a brutally difficult and addictive 2D “platformer” because is it really a platformer if you have infinite boost and jump? Soul Axiom from Wales Interactive is a first person puzzle adventure game with special powers, a cool story, and gorgeous visuals. Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride is another fantastic hidden object adventure game from Artifex Mundi who continues to release great Xbox titles worth grabbing!

Finally, we end the show with four awesome tracks from the Score Rush Extended soundtrack by Dragon Music!

Dragon Music – The Great Battle (Score Rush Extended)
Dragon Music – Welcome to the Ship (Score Rush Extended)
Dragon Music – Destroy Them All (Score Rush Extended)
Dragon Music – The Boss (Score Rush Extended)

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