Backward episode as we tackle news and reviews first BEFORE the guests join in so let’s get right to the Featured Games!

Lumo from Triple Eh? Ltd and Rising Star Games is a fantastic isometric adventure platformer. Kung Fu for Kinect from Virtual Air Guitar Company is a side scrolling beat-em-up where YOU actually do the beating up. Dreamals: Dream Quest from Xiness Games is a followup to the awesome PS4 puzzle platformer. Active Soccer 2 DX from The Fox Software and Mobile Idea is a fun arcade style soccer game with tons of depth. Land It! from Nemesys Games is a tough and addictive air traffic control arcade style game. 20XX from Batterystaple Games is a fantastic Mega Man style roguelike that makes you wonder why Mighty No. 9 exists. We also take a brief first look at the fast paced action roguelike Heart & Slash from aheartfulofgames and BadLand Indie!

After a brief intermission and Kris departing, I’m joined by David Sterling and Jason Sorensen of LOOT Interactive as well as Professional Twitch Scrub Shizblacka to spend another two hours just chatting about anything and everything. From most anticipated games and E3 thoughts to future LOOT Interactive plans and the usual LOOT discussions of food and pooping. Fun for the whole family!

The show end with another pack of songs from Austin Green aka WASD!

WASD – Monumental Subterranean eXploration (La Mulana) (Intermission)
WASD – You’re Not Supposed to Be Here (Half Life 2)
WASD – The Island of Mêlée (Secret of Monkey Island)
WASD – Enemy Unknown (X-Com UFO Defense)

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