Massive episode this week as we welcome Michael Hoss of German development house Deck13 to the show!

We start off with Michael talking about how is name isn’t pronounced as easily as it looks, how Donald Trump is the Mad Catz version of Hitler, and about all the awesome games that Deck13 is working on like Obliteracers, Lords of the Fallen, Shift Happens, The Other 99, and The Surge, plus we reminisce about how much we loved Venetica and how it deserves a sequel one day…

After the intermission, Kris tags in to handle the news of the week including topics like Pokémon GO, PlayStation Plus for July, EA Access and Rock Band additions, and the huge news that Red Dead Redemption has joined the Backward Compatibility program on the Xbox One! Plus more RockStar info, PS2 Classics news, Evolve going Free to Play, and this week’s Featured Games!

Ethan: Meteor Hunter from Seaven Studios is a beautiful 2D puzzle platformer with hidden cheese piles. Dex from Dreadlocks and BadLand Indie is a 2D open world style action RPG/shooter with tons to do. Tour de France 2016 from Cyanide Studio and Focus Home Interactive is a deep and enjoyable digital version of the Tour de France event you’ll never actually participate in. Full Mojo Rampage from Over the Top Games and NICALIS is a roguelike twin stick dungeon crawler that is among my favorite games we’ve covered on the show. 7 Days to Die from The Fun Pimps and TellTale Publishing is an open world zombie survival title where you WILL die (in probably less than 7 days). Finally, our friend Frodo86 joins us for our review of the in depth and fairly adorable prison simulator game Prison Architect from Introversion Software and Double Eleven!

The show ends with three songs from the Bucky O’Hare tribute album Righteous Indignation!

Camicom – Azure Celestial Ball (Intermission)
The Sky Pirates – M.A.G.M.A. (Mammals Against Grandoise Molten Afflictions)
Ailsean – Get Out!
Dya – Strike at the Toad Empire!

Download it HERE, stream below!