Fun episode this show with two big interviews on board!

The show kicks off with Kris and I discussing all the Rock Band Rivals news that just released including new modes and preorder DLC, plus talking about the Wired Legacy Adapter, Rocket League, and Xbox Backward Compatibility additions. Plus we review Kerbal Space Program, the space launching sim from Squad, and Rev Ersi Quest, a mix of role playing and Othello from Yokogosystems and Pollyanna Co. Ltd!

After a break we return with two separate interviews! The first features Ryan Davis, the creator of the recent Steam release Adventure Lamp, the second features Jason and Nicole Stark of Disparity Games talking about the recent console release of their game Ninja Pizza Girl! Two great interviews for two great games!

The show is filled with music from Max Maars off of the Ninja Pizza Girl soundtrack! Get ready for some kickass wubs!

Max Maars – Fear of Falling
Max Maars – Poverty Bites
Max Maars – For Love of Pizza
Max Maars – In the Zone

Download the show HERE, stream it below!