Technical issues abound in this review-heavy episode of the show!

We kick off the show with plenty of news including re-releases of Dead Rising and Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Xbox One Games with Gold for August and new Backward Compatibility additions, plus Street Fighter V rumors making the rounds. Then we welcome a friend to the show for a Featured Game review and things go to hell. Sorry in advance for the audio problems. Anyway, Featured Games!

Chris Taylor joins the show to discuss the newest retro 3DS RPG from Kemco, Journey to Kreisia. Ryan Underwood writes in his review of the anime 2D fighting game UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late from Soft Circle French-Bread and Arc System Works. CJ Greenwood writes in reviewing the gorgeous 2D survival adventure game Niffelheim from Ellada Games. Plus Uneaten Lake writes in with his take on the open ended roguelike Moon Hunters from Kitfox Games before Kris and I give our thoughts.

Chime Sharp is the new version of ZoĆ« Mode’s classic 2009 rhythm puzzle game from Twistplay and Chilled Mouse. Crush Your Enemies from Vile Monarch and Gambitious Digital Entertainment is a ridiculously hilarious village conquering strategy title. Maldita Castilla EX from Abylight Studios is an unabashedly old school action platformer in the vein of Ghosts N’ Goblins. Orc Slayer from Cooply Solutions is an arcade style FPS where you unexpectedly slay orcs. Action News Heroes from Krewe Studios is a top down twin stick shooter where it’s all about high TV ratings. Wind-up Knight 2 from Robot Invader and Unity Games is an side scrolling runner-platformer with tons of content. Tricky Towers from WeirdBeard is a tower building puzzle game with a dickish AI wizard to defeat!

We end the show with some music from the game Moon Hunters by composer Ryan Roth!

Ryan Roth – A Means to an End
Ryan Roth – Perilous Climb
Ryan Roth – Outsiders at the Inn

Download it HERE, stream it below!