Fun show tonight with a special guest host joining as well as a guest later on in the show!

We kick things off with guest co-host Ian Davis and I handling the other half of this week’s reviews continued from Episode 210. Yeah, it was a busy week. Uneaten Lake emails in his thoughts on Bear With Me, the point and click noir adventure game from Exordium Games starring Ted E. Bear. CJ Greenwood sends us his early first impressions of Beat Cop from Pixel Crow and 11bit Studios, the life of an 80’s street cop who got framed releasing later this fall on Steam. Ryan Underwood sends in his review of Blade Arcus From Shining: Battle Arena, a 2D anime styled fighting game featuring characters from the Shining series of RPGs from Studio Saizensen.

Blue Rider from Ravegan is an awesome third person twin stick shooter with big bosses and lots of bullets. Headlander from Double Fine Productions and Adult Swim Games is a Metroidvania style shooter with a crazy head swapping mechanic and retro style. #KILLALLZOMBIES from Beatshapers and Digerati Distribution brings the Twitch enabled twin stick zombie killer to Xbox for the first time. Marvel Ultimate Alliance from Raven Software and Activision ports the 2006 Marvel action RPG to new gen consoles. Plus Ian and I share our thoughts on Breach & Clear: Deadline, the tactical action RPG from Mighty Rabbit Studios where a military squad runs into zombies!

After our reviews, the party REALLY gets started as we welcome Jason Sorensen of LOOT Interactive back to the show to ensure that nothing else productive happens for the rest of the show. As usual we attempt to talk about what LOOT Interactive is working on, but then we instead talk about David Sterling hiding bodies, LA Traffic, Godzilla movies, mixed drinks, and shitting. It always turns into shitting with the LOOT guys, which leads to our music!

We end the show with five beautiful and incredible songs from the amazingly talented and ever so subtle Chico Ray!

Chico Ray – Shitting
Chico Ray – The First Time
Chico Ray – You Suck
Chico Ray – So Stupid
Chico Ray – I’m Going to Fuck You

Download it HERE, stream it below!

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