A mix of all things with a little news, a few reviews, and Richard Wood talking about Brut@l!

The show starts off with no Kris, but Ian Davis is back to chat about the news that Sony is updating the PS4 to System Version 4.00 featuring a UI refresh, quick menu, new Share menu, folders, and plenty more. Plus some discussion on the Final Fantasy XV delay and two quickie reviews. Planet of the Eyes is a short but gorgeously sweet puzzle platformer from Cococucumber. Brut@l is a roguelike action hack and slash game made of ASCII art from Stormcloud Games.

And speaking of Stormcloud Games, after a brief intermission Richard Wood of Stormcloud joins me to talk about Brut@l directly! We chat about the game, being a part of the Summer PLAY program, the joys of releasing same day as No Man’s Sky, future plans, and plenty more! Plus the usual stupidity of our show and another developer who plays Dark Souls!

This episode ends with a handful of songs from Street Fighter V!

Street Fighter V – Result (Intermission)
Street Fighter V – Union Station — London Stage Alt.
Street Fighter V – Underground Arena — Russia Stage
Street Fighter V – Theme of Ryu

Download it HERE, stream it below!