Huge episode this show with tons of news and an interview with Mighty Rabbit Studios!

The show kicks off with Kris and I talking about tons of news ranging from Dead Rising, Destiny, Capybara Games, Nintendo, limited editions, and the return of THQ! Plus tons of discussion on No Man’s Sky and the drama surrounding the title in the past week and featured games!

Emily Wants to Play is a shit-your-pants scary horror title from SKH Apps. Copy Kitty is a fun platformer with ability copying skills from Nuclear Strawberry and Degica. We Happy Few from Compulsion Games is a super stylish open world survival adventure game in Xbox Game Preview. Monsters & Monocles is a twin stick action shooter in Steam Early Access from Retro Dreamer. Unnamed Fiasco is a local multiplayer arena battler with a baby luchador robot from Unnamed Fiasco Team. Inner Kung Fu Game is a unique meditation experience game from Mind Body Aware Games. BLUK from Pixel Ape Studios is an addictive mobile puzzle platformer of precision aiming and constant heartbreak.

After the news and reviews are out of the way, I welcome Chris Cooper and Doug Bogart of Mighty Rabbit Studios and Limited Run Games to the show to chat about their newest release Breach & Clear Deadline, as well as Saturday Morning RPG coming to Xbox, their lineup of physical products through Limited Run Games, print run numbers, and in-office knife fights over consoles and Final Fantasy games.

We end the show with another chunk of songs from the Street Fighter V soundtrack!

Street Fighter V – Rise Up
Street Fighter V – The Grid
Street Fighter V – Theme of M. Bison
Street Fighter V – Theme of Ken

Download it HERE, stream it below!

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