Massive show this week with plenty of news, reviews, and a chat with Nick Marinelli of MAGFest!

We tackle news covering the Nintendo 3DS direct including Mario Maker 3DS, new amiibo figures, and a new Pikmin game on the way next year before moving on to the PS Plus lineup for September, PS Now hitting PCs in the US, Ubisoft server shutdowns, Xbox BC additions, and plenty more.

Nick Marinelli of MAGFest joins us to chat about the convention, the early days of the show, the explosive growth in recent years, the Gaylord Hotel selling out in only 20 minutes, and tons more. Plus we chat about speedrunning Silent Scope, X-Men on the toilet, and Sunny, the official cat of MAGFest, meows in a few times as well!

Featured Games! Armello is a mix of a tabletop RPG, strategy game, and card management from League of Geeks. Talent Not Included from Frima Studio is a level based platformer with an ever changing stage and plenty of humor. I, Zombie from Awesome Games Studio mixes crowd control and stealth in a game where YOU are the zombie! Hack, Slash, & Backstab from MAGIC Spell Studios is a local multiplayer dungeon crawler where the twist is that only one person can win. LiveLock from Tuque Games and Perfect World Entertainment is a fantastic three player top down shooter in a post humanity world. Stories of Bethem: Full Moon from GuGames Development is a throwback to old school Zelda games with a huge quest and tons to do.

We end the show with three really random songs that don’t relate in any way whatsoever. I just wanted to play weird shit.

Christian Pacaud – Confuse’d People Talk During Bass Solos
Michael Mac & Gabriel Leopardi – At DOOM’s Gate
Cheesy McWiggles & Winston – Fuck McCree (feat. Reaper & Tracer)

Download HERE, stream below!