We get our ninja on as a chat with Metanet Software is the main attraction this show!

The show starts off with me being joined by frequent contributor CJ Greenwood to briefly discuss the GoFundMe for SML trying to raise the funds to purchase a PSVR for the show as well as handle a few quick game reviews! Solar Shifter EX from Elder Games and Headup Games is a space shmup with a cool shifting mechanic. Binaries from Ant Workshop and Ground Shatter is a deceptively hard platformer. 140 from Carlsen Games and Double Fine is a trippy, minimalistic platformer with a fantastic audio/visual experience.

Uneaten Lake sends us his review of Nightmares From the Deep 2: The Siren’s Call, another fantastic hidden object adventure game from Artifex Mundi. CJ himself covers Shiny from Garage 227 and 1C Company, an action platfomer about a robot left to fend for himself. CJ also covers The Final Station, a pixel graphic train simulator mixed with zombie combat in this insane and unique experience from Do My Best Games and tinyBuild.

After a brief intermission, Raigan Burns and Mare Sheppard of Metanet Software join the show to chat about their modern masterpiece of a platformer, N++ (NPlusPlus). We chat about the 8 year journey from N to N+ to N++, their inability to use other letters, their plans to actually use the letter R, the huge amount of stages in the game as well as others being planned, and the massive selection of community created levels as well. Plus Horse Lampshade!

Finally, we end the episode with a few of the songs from the wonderful N++ soundtrack, as well as an intermission track from the game 140!

Jeppe Carlsen – 140
Zwei Kreise – Entrada
Acronym – 16 Cygni
Conek4 – Memories Gone

Download it HERE, stream it below!












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