Stacked show this episode as we are joined by Luke Burtis of tinyBuild!

We chat with Luke about all things tinyBuild running the gamut of nearly every game they’ve released recently as well as what’s in store like The Final Station, Clustertruck, Streets of Rogue, Party Hard, and so much more. Plus we talk about the company, working with various developers, and how Luke has avoided the Pokemon Go craze!

After Luke escapes, we move on to the news of the week including all the big news on the PS4 Pro reveal and general reactions, Super Mario Run coming to iOS, Payday 2 getting updates on console after a long wait, and a ton of new Xbox One Backward Compatibility program additions! Plus more talk about our PSVR GoFundMe and our Featured Games!

Resident Evil 4 from Capcom brings the all time classic to current generation consoles with a fresh coat of paint. Jotun: Valhalla Edition from Thunder Lotus Games is an action exploration game where you set out to impress the Norse Gods. Switch ‘N’ Shoot from Matt Glanville is an addictive one button arcade shoot em up with a direction flipping twist. King Oddball from 10tons Ltd. is a level based physics game where you chuck boulders with the tongue of a floating King’s head. Four Sided Fantasy from Ludo Land and Serenity Forge is a puzzle platformer where you freeze the screen and utilize screen wrap to progress. RunGunJumpGun from ThirtyThree and Gambitious Digital Entertainment is a run and gun with a gravity defying weapon and gameplay that will wreck your face.

We end the show with three tracks from the RunGunJumpGun soundtrack from composer Jordan David Bloemen!

Jordan David Bloemen – Swell
Jordan David Bloemen – Everybody Run
Jordan David Bloemen – Fun Town

Download it HERE, stream it below!